4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider took the MLB by storm in 2022, shattering records and dazzling fans with his electric stuff on the mound. The 24-year-old Atlanta Braves phenom broke his own record as the fastest pitcher to reach 200 strikeouts in a single season. 

While his blazing fastball and dominant pitching exploits have made him a household name, there’s much more to this intriguing, cerebral athlete than meets the eye. Let’s dive into 10 fascinating facts about Spencer Strider you probably didn’t know.

Bonus Fact: Before we get started, here’s a lesser-known tidbit – Strider’s impressive spencer strider quads have earned him the nickname “Quadzilla” from his teammates. Those tree-trunk legs undoubtedly help generate his jaw-dropping velocity.

1: Strider Has A Music Obsession

Spencer Strider isn’t just a baseball savant – he’s a bona fide music nerd too. In an interview with MLB YouTuber Foolish Bailey, Strider revealed his intricate, algorithmic process for determining the most significant albums by a band. 

It’s not just based on sonic qualities, but factors in the cultural impact of each record too. Using The Strokes as an example, Strider and Bailey each shared their highly analytical tier lists ranking the band’s albums from best to worst. 

But that’s not all – Strider’s ranking method is cheekily dubbed The Art Vandelay Ranking System – a nod to the fictitious company owned by George Costanza’s alias on Seinfeld.

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2: Spencer Loves Lemons

Spencer Loves Lemons

You know that old saying about when life gives you lemons? Well, Spencer Strider would be thrilled. At the 2022 All-Star festivities, MLB interviewed players about random personal preferences. 

While others opted for practical choices like a full gas tank or golf balls, Strider went full-on weird: he wants a lifetime supply of lemons.

Why lemons, you ask? It all ties back to Strider’s vegan lifestyle which he adopted in 2019. The Braves ace is a self-proclaimed health nut, which is clearly evident in his famous spencer strider quads. Strider’s lifeblood is lemon water, which he drinks religiously every morning.

We always run out of lemons, he laments, and I get really mad. You’ve been warned, Atlanta – keep that lemon stash well-stocked, lest you incur Strider’s citrus based wrath.

3: He Didn’t Start Out With a Four-Seam Fastball

It’s hard to fathom now, but Spencer Strider actually began his baseball journey throwing a two-seam fastball, not the blazing four-seamer that’s become his calling card. It wasn’t until after undergoing Tommy John surgery that Strider made the switch to the premier four-seam grip on a consistent basis.

This adjustment, combined with Strider’s newfound propensity for pitching at the very top of the strike zone, unlocked devastating new levels. His combination of elite velocity and wicked rising life has rendered Strider’s four-seamer almost unhittable at times.

4: #99 Doesn’t Mean What You Might Think

If you watch Spencer Strider pitch, you might think his jersey number shows how fast he throws. You might even think of AL MVP Aaron Judge.

But actually, his number comes from his love of movies. It refers to the film Major League, where pitcher Rick Vaughn (played by Charlie Sheen) wears number 99.

Even though Vaughn doesn’t have a mustache in the movie, he and Strider have some things in common. Both throw really fast, and both seem smart (just look at Charlie Sheen’s glasses).

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