4 Fun Campground Golf Cart Games

Camping is all about embracing the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little silly fun too! Golf carts, those zippy little cart vehicles, are perfect for getting around the campgrounds. 

But they can also provide hours of hilarious entertainment with some creative cart activities. Here are four absurdly enjoyable campsite golf vehicle games to liven up your next nature getaway.

Safety First

Before we dive into the madcap cart amusements, a quick word on safety. While these games are all about laughter and good times, it’s crucial to prioritize responsible golf cart use. A few tips:

  • Set clear boundaries and designated areas for play
  • Enforce reasonable speed limits (no Grand Theft Cart-o!)
  • Consider having participants sign waivers
  • For riskier games like the Rodeo, require helmets and safety gear
  • Campgrounds should review liability policies

Putting some basic precautions in place allows everyone to cut loose with peace of mind.

Golf Cart Decorating Contest and Parade

Golf Cart Decorating Contest and Parade

What’s more fun than souping up your golf buggy with delightfully tacky decorations? This game starts by setting a date for the big contest and parade. Let the campers’ imaginations run wild!

Families will get a kick out of collaborating on transforming their humble golf cars into mesmerizing artistic statements. Anything goes – plush toys, flags, piñatas, you name it. The zanier the better! To up the ante, participants can coordinate costumes to match their cart vehicle’s theme.

Once the carts are decked out, it’s time for the judged parade. As each wacky entry rolls by, expect boisterous laughter and cheering. Having a panel of “expert” judges award prizes for categories like Most Creative or Most Patriotic adds to the madcap revelry.

To get inspired, just picture golf carts masquerading as:

  • A hot air balloon, complete with dangling rider
  • A giant boombox, with painted speakers and blasting music
  • A ship at sea, with swimmer noodle masts and sail

The decorating possibilities are endless for these amusing carts.

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Golf Cart Rodeo

Here’s a game combining skill, stratey, and pure slapstick hilarity. First, set up an obstacle course using cones, balloons, or any objects that are light and won’t damage the carts.

Next, assign one driver to each golf vehicle and blindfold them. Their partner will be the navigator, providing directions…but here’s the rub. The navigator can’t use any physical cues – no tugging the wheel or tapping shoulders. Just voice commands alone!

The goal? Not to race through the obstacle course at top speed, but to complete it as accurately as possible. In other words, knock over as few obstacles as you can. Seems easy enough…until you try giving turn-by-turn directions to a blindfolded driver!

No no, I said bear RIGHT after the tree! The OTHER right!

Expect hysterics as carts careen off-course, demolishing balloons and skidding wildly out of control. For maximum enjoyment and minimum bumps or bruises, make sure to:

  • Use very light, inflatable course markers
  • Have a spotter that can halt any out-of-control carts
  • Require drivers/navigators to switch frequently

It’s pretty much guaranteed pandemonium, making this golf cart game an absolute must.

Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

Part adventure, part race against the clock, the Scavenger Hunt allows campers to explore every nook and cranny of the grounds…by golf car!

Here’s how to play: Compile a list of crazy items or locations that teams must find and document with a selfie. Example clues could include:

  • A garden gnome (creepy)
  • The camper with the oldest RV model
  • A tent being held down by a truck’s tire
  • The park’s signature tree species

The more creative and zany, the better! Once you have your devilishly tricky list locked in, send the teams off to race against time and each other.

As campers madly careen from spot to spot, expect tons of laughter and adrenaline. Double points if teams show up in hilarious coordinated costumes or make use of bribes (s’mores!) to get insider information. When the horn sounds, the first team to show photographic evidence of every item wins!

Golf Cart Poker Run

Golf Cart Poker Run

While poker runs often serve as community fundraisers, this version is all about forging new friendships around the campfire. And what better way to break the ice than by dealing up a little high-stakes poker action?

To play, first establish a handful of different checkpoints or “stops” located throughout the campground’s grounds. At each spot, staff members will be dealing out random playing cards to participants as they arrive.

Drivers and their teams will need to strategize their route to hit each checkpoint and collect as many cards as possible. The goal? Amass the best possible poker hand by the time they reach the final destination!

As golf vehicles converge at each stop, players will anxiously compare their hands and talk a little friendly smack before setting off for the next draw. Games can get tense and competitive, but it’s all in good fun as new bonds are formed.


As you can see, a little golf car can inspire all sorts of hilarious antics when you tap into that silly, playful spirit. These four games – the Decorating Contest, Rodeo, Scavenger Hunt, and Poker Run – are the perfect recipe for bonding laughter among families and campers.

They’re zany, not-too-challenging, and achingly Fun with a capital F. So gas up those trusty golf buggies, put on your most mischievous grin, and get ready to make some outrageously funny memories this camping season. The grounds are yours to transform into pure comedic mayhem!

Who knows, you may even dream up some entertaining cart games of your own to add to the roster. The possibilities are endless when you gather a group of adventurous spirits and an open mind for silliness. Happy trails!

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