What Basketball Shoes Does Steph Curry Wear?

In the realm of professional basketball, few players command as much attention and respect as Stephen Curry. Known for his remarkable three-point shooting skills and electrifying performances, Curry’s influence extends beyond the court to the world of basketball fashion. One burning question on the minds of fans and enthusiasts alike is, What basketball shoes does Steph Curry wear? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the fascinating world of Curry’s footwear choices, exploring the evolution of his signature shoes and the impact they’ve had on both the game and the sneaker industry.

The Rise of Curry’s Signature Shoes

The Rise of Curry's Signature Shoes

The Rise of Curry’s Signature Shoes traces the evolution from the inaugural Curry One in 2015 to the cutting-edge Curry 8 in 2020. Under Armour’s collaboration with Stephen Curry has elevated basketball footwear, blending innovation, style, and performance to unprecedented heights.

Under Armour: Curry’s Signature Line

Curry’s primary footwear allegiance lies with Under Armour, his official sponsor since 2013. The brand boasts a dedicated “Curry Brand” line, featuring signature shoes designed specifically for his playing style. These shoes prioritize:

  • Lightweight construction: Curry relies on quickness and agility, so his shoes need to be feather-light. Under Armour incorporates breathable materials like UA Knit and UA Flow technology to achieve this.
  • Responsive cushioning: Explosive movements and hard landings demand responsive cushioning. Curry’s shoes feature technologies like UA HOVR for shock absorption and energy return.
  • Ankle support: Despite his height, Curry values ankle stability. Under Armour’s shoes often have higher ankle collars and supportive structures to minimize the risk of sprains.

What Steph’s Wearing In the 2023 NBA Playoffs?

Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ star point guard, is not only known for his incredible shooting skills and basketball IQ but also for his unique and stylish footwear choices. Throughout the 2023 NBA playoffs, Steph sported a variety of shoes, making headlines and influencing sneaker trends on and off the court.

Under Armour Curry 10 (Game 7 vs. Sacramento Kings)

For his iconic Game 7 performance against the Sacramento Kings, Steph donned an unreleased colorway of the Under Armour Curry 10. These high-top shoes featured a sleek black and white design with subtle Warriors accents, including a blue tongue and yellow detailing on the midsole and outsole. The unreleased nature of this colorway, coupled with Steph’s dominant performance, sent sneakerheads into a frenzy, making these shoes one of the most sought-after of the playoffs.

Under Armour Curry 1 Low FloTro (Game 2 vs. Los Angeles Lakers)

In Game 2 of the Warriors’ series against the Los Angeles Lakers, Steph opted for a more casual vibe with the Under Armour Curry 1 Low FloTro. These low-top shoes, based on Steph’s first signature shoe, offered a comfortable and stylish alternative to the high-tops. The Curry 1 Low FloTro featured a predominantly white upper with vibrant blue and yellow accents, reminiscent of the Warriors’ color scheme. While not as flashy as the Game 7 shoes, the Curry 1 Low FloTro still made a statement, showcasing Steph’s versatility and sneaker sense.

Other Notable Shoes

Throughout the playoffs, Steph also sported other shoes from various brands, including Nike, Under Armour, and Curry Brand. He was seen wearing the Under Armour Curry Flow 8, the Curry Brand Curry 9, and even a special edition of the Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Mamba Mentality.” Each shoe choice reflected Steph’s personal style and preferences, while also generating buzz and excitement among fans and sneaker enthusiasts.

Steph Curry Shoes: Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry Shoes: Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry’s shoe choices have become synonymous with the Golden State Warriors brand. His signature line with Under Armour, Curry Brand, features shoes designed specifically for his playing style and preferences. These shoes often incorporate Warriors colors and logos, creating a direct connection between Steph and the team. The Warriors themselves have also embraced Steph’s sneaker influence, releasing limited-edition merchandise and hosting special events featuring Steph and his footwear.

Steph Curry Shoes with Nike

While Steph Curry has primarily worn Under Armour and Curry Brand shoes in recent years, he has also been seen sporting Nike sneakers on occasion. This includes his iconic “Chef” Nike PG 1s, which he wore during his early championship runs with the Warriors. Steph’s willingness to wear other brands, alongside his own, demonstrates his appreciation for the sneaker world as a whole and his desire to connect with fans beyond just Under Armour.

Overall, Steph Curry’s shoe choices in the 2023 NBA playoffs were a testament to his style, influence, and love for the game. From unreleased colorways to classic favorites, Steph’s footwear choices kept fans engaged and excited throughout his championship run. Whether you’re a Warriors fan, a sneakerhead, or simply an admirer of Steph’s talent, there’s no denying that his shoes have become an integral part of his legacy.

The Evolution of Footwear Style and Performance

One key aspect that sets Curry’s signature shoes apart is the constant evolution in both style and performance. Each new model introduces cutting-edge features, blending aesthetics with functionality. From enhanced traction patterns to responsive cushioning, these shoes are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of Curry’s dynamic playing style.

  • Early Days (2009-2013): Before his Under Armour deal, Curry sported various brands like Adidas and Nike, but none truly captured his playing style.
  • Under Armour Era (2013-present): The Curry 1 launched in 2014, marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership. Each subsequent iteration has refined the design, catering to Curry’s on-court needs and evolving preferences.
  • Recent Standouts: The Curry Flow 8 and 10 have garnered praise for their lightweight construction and responsiveness. The Curry 11, released in 2023, boasts a sleek, low-top design while maintaining the signature support and traction.

Curry’s Signature Line: A Perfect Fit

Steph Curry has been an Under Armour athlete since 2013, and his signature shoe line reflects his unique playing style and personality. From the lightweight and breathable Curry 1 to the latest Curry Flow 10, each shoe prioritizes:

  • Responsiveness: Curry’s shoes are built for quick cuts and explosive movements, featuring materials like UA Flow for superior cushioning and energy return.
  • Ankle Support: High-top designs and snug ankle collars provide stability for his lightning-fast footwork and shifty crossovers.
  • Traction: Aggressive herringbone patterns on the outsole ensure optimal grip on the court, crucial for Curry’s signature step-back threes.

Breaking Down the Curry’s Signature Models

Breaking Down the Curry’s Signature Models

In breaking down the curry’s signature models, we dissect the evolution of Stephen Curry’s iconic sneaker line, exploring the innovation and performance enhancements that define each model, from the groundbreaking Curry One to the cutting-edge Curry 8. Here we will explore it in detail:

Curry One – The Inaugural Masterpiece

The journey began with the Curry One, introduced in 2015. Boasting a sleek silhouette and Charged Cushioning technology, these shoes quickly gained popularity among players and fans alike. The Curry One not only showcased Under Armour’s commitment to performance but also laid the foundation for subsequent models.

Curry Two – Striking a Balance

The evolution continued with the Curry Two, released in 2015. This model aimed to strike a perfect balance between support and agility. The inclusion of SpeedForm technology provided a snug fit, while the external heel counter enhanced stability during quick cuts and directional changes.

Curry Three – Embracing Innovation

In 2016, the Curry Three hit the shelves, showcasing a fresh design and advanced technologies. Threadborne technology was introduced, offering lightweight support without sacrificing durability. The shoe’s Meta-Wing carbon fiber shank added midfoot stability, a crucial element for Curry’s explosive playing style.

Curry Four – Streamlined Elegance

The Curry Four, released in 2017, took a step towards streamlined elegance. A knit internal sleeve provided a secure fit, while the Anafoam quarter panel delivered lightweight structure. The shoe’s design emphasized simplicity without compromising on performance, embodying Curry’s on-court finesse.

Curry Five – Lightweight Precision

In 2018, the Curry Five made its debut, focusing on lightweight precision. The shoe’s HOVR cushioning technology delivered a responsive feel, absorbing impact while providing energy return. The external heel counter and midfoot shank ensured stability, making the Curry Five a go-to choice for players seeking agility without sacrificing support.

Curry 6 – Unleashing the Speed

The Curry 6, released in 2019, embraced the need for speed. With a high-top design and lightweight construction, these shoes were engineered for players who thrive on quick, agile movements. The inclusion of a full-length speed plate and Anafoam containment system reinforced the emphasis on speed and responsiveness.

Curry 7 – Elevating Comfort and Performance

The Curry 7, introduced in 2019, elevated the standards for both comfort and performance. Under Armour incorporated a Micro G foam midsole for optimal cushioning and responsiveness. The flexible plate and external heel counter further enhanced stability, making the Curry 7 a versatile choice for players of all styles.

Curry 8 – Cutting-Edge Technology

The Curry 8, unveiled in 2020, introduced cutting-edge technology to the lineup. The UA Flow cushioning technology eliminated the need for a traditional rubber outsole, reducing the shoe’s weight while maintaining traction. The Curry 8 marked a significant leap forward in both design and performance, solidifying Curry’s signature line as a force to be reckoned with in the sneaker industry.

The Impact Beyond the Court

The Impact Beyond the Court: Stephen Curry’s signature shoes transcend sport, becoming cultural phenomena and fashion statements. With global appeal, his sneaker line combines innovation and style, influencing trends and elevating Curry to an iconic status beyond the basketball arena.

Cultural Phenomenon and Sneaker Trends

Curry’s signature shoes have transcended their on-court functionality to become a cultural phenomenon. The distinctive designs and technological innovations have made them coveted fashion statements. Sneaker enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate each new release, contributing to the enduring popularity of the Curry line and influencing broader sneaker trends.

Endorsement Power and Business Success

The success of Curry’s signature shoe line extends beyond the realm of personal style. His endorsement power and the commercial success of his shoes have propelled him into the elite ranks of athlete-endorsed brands. The synergy between Curry’s on-court prowess and the allure of his signature sneakers has created a lucrative business empire, solidifying his status as a sports and fashion icon.

The Future of Curry’s Sneaker Legacy

In the future of Curry’s Sneaker legacy, we delve into the anticipations and innovations that await in the evolution of Stephen Curry’s signature line, exploring how his sneakers will continue to shape the future of basketball footwear.

Looking Ahead

As we ponder “What basketball shoes does Steph Curry wear?” today, it’s inevitable to speculate about the future. With each new model, Under Armour continues to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that Curry’s signature line remains at the forefront of basketball footwear. The combination of style, performance, and cultural impact positions Curry’s sneakers as an enduring force in the dynamic world of sports and fashion.

Choosing the Right Curry Shoe for You

Choosing the Right Curry Shoe for You

With several Curry models available, selecting the perfect pair depends on your playing style and preferences. Consider these factors:

  • Position: Guards and wings who prioritize agility and quickness may favor the Curry Flow series. Forwards and centers seeking more ankle support might prefer the high-top designs of earlier models.
  • Playing style: Aggressive players who value cutting and driving might benefit from the Curry 8’s stability features. Shooters who prioritize traction and responsiveness might prefer the Curry 10 or 11.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, the best Curry shoe is the one that feels most comfortable and suits your individual playing style.


In the ever-evolving landscape of basketball footwear, Stephen Curry’s signature shoes stand out as a testament to innovation, performance, and style. From the inaugural Curry One to the cutting-edge Curry 8, each model reflects not only the evolution of Curry’s playing style but also the relentless pursuit of excellence by Under Armour. Beyond the court, these sneakers have become symbols of cultural influence and business success, cementing Stephen Curry’s legacy as a true icon in the world of sports and fashion. So, the next time you watch Curry drain a three-pointer, take a moment to appreciate the court magic happening beneath his feet.

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